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At RR WINS LLC dba, we prioritize the safety and security of our riders and drivers. We understand that there may be situations where additional protection is necessary, especially for trips after midnight and to concerts, where areas may be deemed unsafe. Therefore, we have implemented a police protection policy to provide an extra layer of security for our customers.

Officer's Role and Responsibilities

1.  The officer's role is solely to protect our riders and drivers during their trips and to ensure their safety.
2.  They are not personal bodyguards, and they are not permitted to stay with you after your trip has ended.
3.  The officer's are off duty, retired, or contracted with the city and are independent contractors.
4.  They may require permission from their employers and are not required to wear an "on duty" uniform or visible badge for your protection.
5.  Officer's are not required to show a firearm or open carry a firearm.
6.  They must be age 21 and older and abide by the rules and policies of their local, state, and federal laws.
7.  They may wear protective uniforms and counseling eyewear, but they are not permitted to carry any weapons to arrest someone or block traffic.
8.  Officer's may drive their personal vehicle, but they are not required to have "Red or Blue" lights on the vehicle.
9.  They may not have equipment from their employers on them or have the authority to run traffic lights.
10. Officer's are not associated with any venue's.

Cost and Availability

Any trip after midnight and concerts must have police protection at an additional cost paid by the Rider, and the price varies per officer's city starting at $350 per officer.
Police protection is mandatory for areas that are unsafe after midnight at our discretion.
The availability of police protection may vary depending on the availability of officers in the area.



RR WINS LLC dba is not responsible for any damage, liability, or death of any rider's or driver's while on a trip or after the trip has ended.
Any liability or damages incurred during the police protection service are the responsibility of the rider.

Policy Changes

This policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice.
At RR WINS LLC dba, we take the safety and security of our customers seriously, and we hope that our police protection policy provides peace of mind for riders and drivers.

$350 (1) Officer

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