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Wait Time I Distance Fee's

As a Rider at the most expensive rideshare in the world, it's great to practice a request once you're all ready to take the trip of your lifetime in our luxurious vehicle's when you're absolutely ready to leave.  Please understand that our vehicle's are in high demand because of the nature and style of the automobiles in our lineup.  Please keep in mind there's a fee for "WAIT TIME" (time driver arrives at your location confirming the pickup) at time to be seated.  While in "Drive" your start time begins classified as the "DISTANCE FEE" calibrated to each vehicle in our lineup.  The end of your trip will be an end trip rate's "FLAT RATE FEE", "WAIT TIME FEE" "DISTANCE FEE" for your reference.  If you would like to have assistance to find out what's best for your trip rates, please do not hesitate to contact your representative at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,

Maurice, CEO

World Headquarters Atlanta, Ga

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