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Rozina Negusei CEO


Hello and I personally welcome you to my new venture as CEO  Please get to know more about my accomplishments in the music, fashion design, television industries and more. I welcome you to an "Extraordinary Experience."

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My Story

Rozina (“Rozy”) Negusei is a serial entrepreneur, having previously founded successful ventures in the entertainment and fashion industries. With a drive to succeed and an ambitious personality, Rozina got her foot in the music industry while still attending college, first as a Casting Director then Producer for music videos, collaborating with well-known artists like Akon, Usher, P. Diddy, and many more. Rozina  decided to combine her passions for entertainment and business by founding her first company, Zanar Entertainment. Rozina has been running Zanar Ent. for over a decade now, producing several award-winning videos, TV shows, and even a full feature film (Chocolate City, 2015). Her eye for design and passion for fashion, particularly in hip hop culture, led her to co-founding Rasjudah Clothing in 2006. Manufacturing and selling a tangible product (both online and in stores) was a new experience for Rozy, but she mastered the skills needed to succeed very quickly. To give her music business its own path for growth, Rozy established Entreeg Records in 2009, with distribution through KonLive Universal. And to further diversify her business interests, Rozy established Entreeg Investment Group in 2013, focusing on commodities trading (and proving that she has the smarts to cross into unrelated industries seamlessly). As the “Ro” in “JS&Ro,” Rozy's entrepreneurial spirit, diverse skills set, and first-degree connections to various celebrities and prominent figureheads around the world (including top government officials) will all play an important role in the establishment and growth of a new global enterprise.


Numerous publications have featured my work, spanning from coverage of my latest business ventures to clients' home and attire makeovers for special occasions. Witnessing my name in print is an exciting experience, and you can peruse some of the stories mentioned below as well as my latest passion in the Rideshare Industry.

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My Story is a visionary project of mine that caters to individuals seeking nothing less than excellence for their transportation needs. I have dabbled in various trades throughout my career, from fashion design to landscaping, and now, my latest venture targets the luxury ride-hailing market dominated by Uber and Lyft. With a grandiose mindset, I aim to bring unparalleled experiences to our customers, and I firmly believe that there is a vast scope for such services across the world.

We are currently building a dynamic team to bring forth an extraordinary experience to our customers. Our forthcoming app will allow riders to book rides, and individuals with exotic, electric, vintage, classic, modern, vessel or aircraft can sign up as owners, pilots, or captains. Our services are now available in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, and we welcome both riders and owners to sign up on our website.

Whether you want to ride in luxury or offer your services as an owner, pilot, or captain, has got you covered. To learn more about our services, pricing, and policies, I recommend browsing our website or contacting us directly. I'm committed to achieving nothing less than the best, and I look forward to seeing our growth and development in the coming months.

Best regards,

Maurice, CFO/Founder,


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

404.207.5620 World Headquarters Atlanta

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