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Rider and Driver
Respect and Etiquette

As part of our impeccable customer service, we guarantee you’ll be getting from point A to B in the sweetest rides available in Chicago and abroad. Our fleet of comfortable, clean and sophisticated vehicles are everything you’re looking for. Let us make your experience working with us pleasant and enjoyable.  We also want to assure the "Extraordinary Experience" that owners of some of the most expensive sedans/SUV's are treated with the utmost respect during your trip.  That's what makes us the best of the best assuring you a high-end sedan/SUV every time you request a trip.  We also expect each rider to respect the beauty and opulence of the drivers vehicle, no alcoholic beverages allowed with the color; Red.  Smoking in the cabins are also prohibited as well as profanity towards your guest or driver.  Doing so, could lead to termination or ending your trip.  No Refunds. Give us a call today to reserve your ride.

Driving with Gloves
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