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The RR "Extraordinary Experience"

With an eye for fashion, design and luxurious experiences since 1984, I’m known for my aesthetically fresh styles that add a touch of wow to any special occasion. I aim to provide all of my clients with an "Extraordinary Experience" whether it be making sure you get the maximum exposure as well as an everlasting impression that will bring out their best at the entrance. Explore my service offerings below standing out from any ridehailing service.


BENTLEY Fragrance for Men

“Bentley Momentum Unbreakable blends new, high-tech ingredients with age-old perfumery traditions, to create an unbeatable new fragrance. Variations in color, pattern and texture on the stone plated bottle, ensure that no two are ever the same – just like the stone veneers available as a custom option within Bentley’s cars.”

Bentley says the new scent “has a masculine signature: a rich, warm palette of woods.”


Custom Eyewear for your Trip
             Coming Soon!

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