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Let's get going..

Choose your City is the greatest choice for your over-the-top arrivals, whether its a trip to your local night spot, dinner with a mate, concert, wedding, or any special occasion unlike any other rideshare on land, how?  We have all high-end sedan's, SUV's, boats, yachts, helicopters and more!  So let's get going...


Rolls-Royce Trips

The "Patricia" Line 

The "Patricia" Line of Extreme Exotic Luxury Sedans for whatever special occasion! Now servicing; Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas

Yacht Rideshare

The "Yvette" Line

Cruise in ultimate style in the world's only Yacht Rideshare The "Yvette" Line; 42' Maxum, 40' Carver Flybridge, 50' Tiara Yacht in Detroit and Chicago


Vintage/Classic Rideshare

The "Louise" LIne

The world's only Vintage/Classic Sedan Rideshare by "Louise Kennedy" a prestigous line of classic and vintage sedans as you take a step back in time with modern technology of a point-to-point rideshare.  

Helicopter Rideshare

The "Robert" Aerial Line

Imagine taking a flight to wine tastings, weddings, or simply take a flight around the town from a birds-eye view of your city.

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